Books are an incredible resource. However, additional material can deepen your spiritual practice. So we’ve included some powerful bonuses to help you on your journey.

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Free Bonus #1: The 3-Step Chakra Tune-Up Course
Elevate Your Existence by Targeting the Subconscious, the Physical, & the Spiritual

• Discover a unique 3-step chakra targeting method that so many people aren’t taking advantage of!

• Hack your brain, elevate body, mind, and spirit, and release blocks holding you back from greatness

• Awaken amazing energy to tailor a reality that suits you better

• Stop wasting precious time on ineffective methods

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Step #1

Master the subconscious. Remove energetic baggage, and create new synaptic connections that serve you better.

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Step #2

Master the energy centers. Bring about balance and elevated well-being with the power of the physical.

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Step #3

Connect to the Divine. Slow down cognitive function and deepen connection to all-pervading intelligence.